Quality, Affordable Custom Timber Frames   
Design & Construction at Lake Chelan, WA
ChelanTimberFrames.com - Exceptional Timber Frame components, furniture, and homes by the Kneisley family at Lake Chelan, WA
Phone: 509.687.4106
Welcome to the online home of
Kneisley Timber Frames
Our family-built business is located on beautiful Lake Chelan in Washington State.  We have earned a reputation for designing and constructing quality custom homes and components in the north-central Washington region.  Kneisley Timber Frames specializes in designing and constructing affordable timber frame structures, trusses, and timber components with traditional mortise and tenon joinery.

Our timber frames and elements of frames can be erected to stand alone, or integrated into a timber home. Our timber products combine the beauty, warmth, and structural integrity of exposed beams to create a unique timber home package.
Contact us to review how we can help your timber home project with design consultation, or order a custom set of timber components to enhance your home, including stair and rail systems, trusses, mantels, and trim packages.

We are excited to announce some new items in our line of hand-crafted timber products: custom Timber Furniture, energy-efficient Modular Cabins, and comfortable Meditation Benches, fixed and also foldable for travel convenience.
The Kneisley family has
been crafting timber frame
homes and components in
the Lake Chelan region
since 1984 - contact us
for your next project.
Kneisley Timber Frames accepts most major credit cards for your convenience Kneisley Timber Frames accepts most major credit cards for your convenience - contact us to place a down payment on timber-frame components or construction project, or purchase some of our hand-crafted timber furniture.
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ChelanTimberFrames.com - Exceptional Timber Frame components, furniture, and homes by the Kneisley family at Lake Chelan, WA

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